BuddyPress is a community plugin for WordPress that turns your websites into a social networking site. 

It is flexible and includes features of BuddyPress that are commonly found in web-based groups such as profiles, activity dashboard, conversations, and more.

With BuddyPress, schools, colleges, as well as organizations, can build platforms for their users for safe and secure interactions.

In this article, we will learn about the various features of BuddyPress and how it comforts the networking of your site.   

User Profile

With the user profile feature, a user can easily create a profile, update it with the profile photo and control it from the admin area. From the admin area, they can enter as much information about themselves as they want. 

As an admin, you can create different profile fields by following Users > Profile Fields. This will allow your users to enter their name, birthday, a short biography, etc. they can link their other account as well. Besides these regular profile options, each user can access the Extended Profile settings.

Activity Stream

BuddyPress activity stream feature allows members to post updates like blog posts, new friendships, and blog comments on their own profile. Anyone can use @ symbol followed by the member username to mention that user in your stream to comment on the post or for tagging them by the members to enhance discussions.

Using RSS or Email notification, streams can be followed by any member which is similar to Twitter. Each group has its own “Activity Stream” that can be controlled from the group visibility.


You can create multiple groups to organize the communications between members of your site. This will help them in having focused discussions within each group. A private group is visible sitewide and requires users to request for joining them. Although, the activity of a private group is only visible to its members.

Widgets and Menus

BuddyPress with its widget and menus makes your community more user-friendly and navigation as easy as possible. You can create a custom menu and take advantage of the widgets that come with the features of BuddyPress to enhance the user experience.

With features of BuddyPress widget, you can easily log in to the site, see your friends, active members, sitewide notices, etc. while on the other hand, BuddyPress menu shows your profile, friends, groups, messages, forums, notifications, settings and logout.

Members and Friends

BuddyPress with its social networking features builds your community, social networking, and maintains relationships among members. A member can be friends with the other members. They can join various group discussions, follow other’s activity feeds, communicate with other members, and participate in various activities.

As a user, members can do several things that are more in line with your social media user expectations and BuddyPress with its various features helps them in maintaining a more focused social connection.


Notifications are the key features of BuddyPress that make the user experience better. It sends you a notification whenever a member mentions you in an update by tagging with “@username” or when they comment and reply to your update in the feed, forums, and the group.

However, a user can also enable and disable receiving email notification when new Email is received. This can be enabled from the Setting > Email page.


I hope this article has helped you in putting insight into the various features of the BuddyPress Plugin. These features of BuddyPress can turn your site into a social networking site. This will be beneficial for the overall growth of your business.