Do you want to save your time and money at the same time?

Mobile web traffic has grown over the year, Developers and online trainers are adapting to mobile users. 

Progressive Web App (PWA) is a concept that is really worth your time and money.

In this article, we will discuss how PWA powered LMS and Web App saves your money and grows your business.

How PWAs Are Saving Money And Time

Many people are not aware of and even heard about PWA. Let me clear what are progressive web apps are and how they can save your money and time. 

PWA are web apps that advance your existing site by making use of modern web technology to bring an immersive app-like experience to the users from their web browsers.

Earlier, you have to use different platforms to deliver your training courses to the learners. A website for web learners and a native mobile app for mobile learners. Managing different platforms is a tough task and also costs high to maintain different platforms.   

You have to maintain both the platforms to engage your learners on the websites and the app too. Designing websites and building a native app for mobile users cost double for the delivery of the same courses for the learners. This is due to the lack of technology used for the development of mobile-friendly websites and slow loading of the website on the mobile device.

Today, in the age of technological advancement and high-speed internet. Developers are still using their old websites and native apps. PWA powered LMS and Web App use the faster website technologies that make your website accessible on the smartphones and provides an experience similar to the mobile app version.

You can easily deliver your online courses and training using PWA powered LMS and Web App. Learners are easily engaged as they can easily access your online courses on the web and smartphones. They don’t have to download any mobile app. You also save your money to build a native mobile app separately. You don’t even need the app stores, as learners can add a web app version of your website on their devices.

Some of the questions we are getting from the comments are “what about security, compatibility, how do you do it, etc.

PWA Adds More Security To Your Courses 

Progressive Web App is still a new concept of the course developers and online trainers. Switching to a new technology creates fear among them for the security of courses, disengagement of learners and many more. But you can’t deny the upside features of a progressive web app.

Progressive web apps use advanced browser technology to deliver a comprehensive mobile app experience to the learners without any downloading, installing, and updating process. It makes your existing site smart and adds all the features and functions of a native mobile app. This makes your website more responsive, powerful, and safer for the user as well.

Cross-Device Compatibility

Progressive web apps make your website faster and responsive. It offers great compatibility across the devices as it easily adapts to the screen sizes of the devices. Now, your learners will get the same learning experience if they access your courses on the desktop or smartphones. Whatever browser your learners will use Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Firefox, etc. they will get the same experience.

Progressive Web Apps are changing the way we access our eLearning and training courses and saves money for your business. I think I forgot to answer, “how do you do it” contact us and we will talk about it. For more information please visit WPLMS.