PWA LMS:- Smartphones with an array of cutting-edge technology offer easy access to the internet. Therefore, a lot of internet traffic comes through mobile devices.

Learners are using smartphones and mobile web to access your online training and eLearning courses.

The changing trend of accessing online training and eLearning courses is a knock to all eLearning course developers and trainers.

In this article, we will discuss how a PWA LMS is necessary for the future growth of your business.

PWA Is The Future Of eLearning Business

With the increase in mobile web traffic, websites and native apps are now less preferred by the learners. They want to browse your training courses directly on the web browser. If you want to keep growing your eLearning business then you have to move ahead with the technology. PWA LMS (progressive web apps) are making it happen. It is a web app that uses modern web capabilities and helps you in delivering your courses to the mobile device and provides an app-like experience to users. 

Many online trainers and course developers have recognized the mobile-first approach and are switching to PWA powered LMS and Web App to deliver their online training and courses.

PWA LMS For Your WordPress Site

If you are running a WordPress site for your eLearning business, then you don’t have to worry at all. PWA LMS can easily change the experience of your site and easily convert your old site into a modern web app and bring value to your users. Now, WordPress sites can be easily converted into progressive web apps to add all the PWA functionality to your site.

Optimizing your WordPress sites provides service workers and manifest tools. Developers can easily add PWA features to their existing website to convert into a compelling website. Introducing PWA makes your website faster, reliable, instantly loads your images and web contents.

Better And Efficient Than Web And Native Apps

Native apps and websites have numerous benefits and they can also engage learners but when it comes to accessing your training on the mobile device, there are a lot of limitations. Websites can’t be accessed properly on mobile devices while native apps take space and need to be downloaded from the app store and require regular updates.

Progressive web apps easily solve all these problems and make your sites easily accessible on mobile devices. PWAs provide an experience like a native mobile app and are more responsive. are fast and load almost instantaneously. These apps are way faster than native apps and respond to user interactions more quickly. With the capability to work offline and still perform all the functions of native apps, PWAs are changing the way we use the web totally.

Boost Performance Of Your Site

Progressive web apps easily turn your normal site into WebApp and PWA LMS instantly delivers your online training and eLearning courses.

Slow loading of your web contents and difficulty in the accessibility of your training courses lead to the disengagement of the learners. So it becomes important to boost the performance of your site. 

Surprisingly, PWA LMS makes your site very responsive. A learner can easily access your site on multiple devices and it provides a similar experience across the devices. It makes your site fast, reliable and loads content instantly. This helps you in retaining your learners and stops them from jumping to the other website. This happens due to their super-efficient caching system through service workers.

Works Even In Offline Mode

Have you ever wondered to deliver your online training and eLearning courses even in the offline mode? PWA LMS has made it possible to access the contents of the site without an internet connection. You can also send push notifications to the learners even in the offline mode to remind them. This makes it a great tool to engage learners. Adding PWA WebApp and LMS to your existing sites easily allows you to offer these types of features to your learners.

WPLMS Adds More To Your eLearning

If you’re planning to create a native app and website for your eLearning business then you are wasting money. WPLMS PWA powered web apps and LMS are designed using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. You don’t require any coding language and software developer to add PWA enabled web app and LMS to your existing website. It helps you in reducing the overall cost of training and grows your eLearning business.