Today’s businesses strive to ensure customer’s web and mobile experience effortlessly.

Designing PWAs with a user-first approach efficiently aims at delivering a high level of performance irrespective of the device used.

Progressive web apps (PWA) are types of application software that can be easily installed by the users without using any App Store like- Google Play.

Over the last few years, progressive web design has surpassed native apps and offered increased effectiveness and user experience.

In this article, we will learn how progressive web apps design enhances your user’s experience.

Progressive Web Apps for Web & Mobiles

Progressive web app framework installs BuddyPress as a Progressive web app on desktop or mobile phones. PWA is a cross-platform software and is easily compatible with desktop, mobile, and all the widely used browsers. Its compatibility with different browsers and devices allows users to access your site on various devices. Therefore, you can provide a PWA App to the users with the exact same features as on the website.

Feels and Works like Mobile App

PWA can easily satisfy the needs of 70% of Internet traffic from Mobiles. Whenever a user accesses your PWA powered site on a mobile device then it easily optimizes the screen size and provides the same experience of the web. Having a PWA powered website is a great way to re-engage your users on mobile devices with rich engagement. PWA sites are easily installable means that it can be added to a home screen without capturing a lot of storage space.

Easy Authentication For The Users

When users engage with your site then keeping them remember is on you. Thus, providing an easy signing up process, creating accounts, and checking out helps the users in an easy conversion funnel. PWA powered sites help you in enabling social login for the users. This means that the users can log in to your site using social sites like- Facebook, Google, Twitter, etc. this way you can reduce the burden of login for your users and it also helps them whenever they forget their password and have to go through the entire process of resetting passwords.

Make Content Available Offline

Making your content available for the users is the best way to provide a good user experience to them. Progressive Web Apps enables sites to allow you to load your website and its content even in offline mode. It doesn’t affect the experience of a user whenever they inevitably lose their internet connection while accessing your website. This can be achieved by enabling the caching option to go beyond the grid for an improved user experience.

Powerful Media Uploader

Built-in powerful media uploader. Media uploader and management are inbuilt into the interface. Comes with implementation for progressive uploads. Also supports offline updates. Uploads to S3 and Vimeo are also available so that you can easily enhance the user’s experience. 

In-Built Editor

Inbuilt text Editor with advanced controls. Inbuilt text Editor with Column layouts, Media uploader, Shortcodes generator, and compatible with Gutenberg. The built editor helps you in delivering an immersible experience to the users.

Wrapping Up

Progressive web apps design makes it possible to deliver intuitive web experiences on cross-platform and devices. Progressive Web Apps play a vital role in increasing the speed and performance of your site and make your business successful by making the user experience better and efficient.