Earlier, Apple support PWA Store removed a large number of apps that were considered to be clones, copies, fraudulent, abandoned, or not 64-bit compatible.

PWA technology contributes to the development of cross-platform web apps and supports multi-devices to engage customers.

The answer is yes….. just go for PWA. Apple support PWA does not want app versions of your site in their app store anymore.

In this article, we will discuss whether Apple supports PWA or not, and does it approve apps built on React Native, Flutter, and ionic.

Whether Apple Support PWA Or Not?

Earlier, Apple was not supporting the web app feature fully. But the recent changes on iOS and Safari has made the progressive web apps easily supported for Apple’s mobile platforms. PWA powered web apps work great and in iOS browsers without service workers and delivering a great user experience to the audiences. 

Apple shipped support for basic service workers and caching and these service workers combine with the traditional mobile web apps to make the iOS platform fit for progressive web apps. Still, there are some limitations like- you can’t send native push notifications to the users and the cached is limited to 50 MB.

Instead, you can send web notifications and SMS notifications to the users. While 50 MB is enough for the sites to cache images, necessary HTML, CSS, and JavaScript files to offer a better offline experience to the audiences.

Is Apple Approving Apps Built On React Native, Flutter, And Ionic?

There was a time when integrating third-party plugins to the app was difficult for the developers for the Apple support PWA and iOS users. Today developers use React Native to design Apps that can be easily accessed on smartphones. React Native allows both native and JavaScript modules that make coding easy while designing the cross-platform framework. Therefore, apps designed on the React Native are more responsive, instant load content and are user-friendly.

Released by Google, Flutter is an open-source platform that offers the freedom to the developers to design mobile apps using a single codebase. Similar to React Native, it also uses a cross-platform framework that uses a single codebase approach which makes it easier for mobile app development. While iOS is built in Objective C and Swift language and their high performance of apps depend on native components that are developed separately. Flutter consists of all the components package and doesn’t require any development of components.

The ionic framework uses AngularJS based structure and the combinations of programming languages to design better apps. Apps designed using Ionic provide smooth operations and have a better user interface. Web and apps developed using the Ionic framework are mobile-optimized and the codes are easy to manage. Ionic uses AngularJS, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript languages that are used to create amazing apple support PWA powered web apps and themes.


With Apple support for the progressive web apps, Now, you can add a PWA site to the home screen on the iOS devices instead of bookmarking the current page. Many businesses like- AliExpress have already shipped to the PWA powered solutions and are getting impressive returns on iOS. We at WPLMS have also upgraded to PWA powered LMS and Web Apps and getting more traffic and sales results. Now, it’s your turn to switch to Apple support PWA to keep growing your business.