Do you want your people or followers to interact with your brand?

A community app connects your people, grows your community, and takes engagement to the next level.

In this article, we will discuss how a community app connects your people and audience with your brand or business.

Community App To Connect Your People

Online Community apps are networking hubs that fulfill the basic needs of social networking and bring people closer to your brand or businesses. It enables your audiences or customers to connect with your brands and other customers from anywhere as a result it increases engagement rate, retention rate, and collects valuable feedback for the growth of your business.

Why A Community App Over Other Platform

A community app allows you to connect with your audience. If you want your audience to interact with you as well as other people who are connected with your brand or business then a community app is a must-have for you. If you’re thinking that you can do the same with social networking then let me clear to you that social sites don’t make your reach with the right audience and somewhere audiences get lost in social news feeds.

A community app allows you to reach your audience with all of your contents and information in one easy-to-access app. With a community app, you give your audience the chance to interact with the other audience to share what they love, questions, and answers, to get exclusive content, and to engage in a platform that influences your brand and builds connections.

Features Of Community App

Member Profiles

Everything on a website depends on the members of the community. Audiences can easily get to know each other through their profiles. A member can easily customize their community profile to share details about themselves.

Fully Customizable Dashboard

Community app features allow you to personalize the welcome experience and the way they interact within the app with the Elementor Page Builder. Set customize colors, fonts, and rearrange widgets easily within the app through the dashboard. Provide a quick view of all their recent community activities and interactions in a particular section.

News Feeds

Having your own community app makes it easy for members to see what happened while they were away when they go through the news feed. Members can like, comment, mention, and share the post. They can also upload photos and organize them into albums, from any device.


Provide alerts and notifications to the members when they are offline or someone trying to make conversations or showing interest in their profile or post. Notifications help in engaging them and continue the discussion. You can set customized notifications as well as email notification to the members or customers.

Social Groups

Categorize discussions into groups (public, private, or hidden) and set different rules based on the group type to make your members feel more comfortable while discussing with you and one another. This can boost the engagement rate of the members within the community app.


You don’t have to be a huge or famous brand to have a community app. If you want a separate platform where your fans, followers, members, or customers can come together for a common reason with huge benefits then you can have a community app. Get in touch and let’s explore what a community app can do for you.