If you’re a WordPress user, you probably know that the BuddyPress plugins can be used to create a powerful social network.

Adding BuddyPress plugin in your WordPress sites allows you to create more than just a social network to collaborate, exchange ideas, support, and help instantly.

In this article, we will discuss the process involved in setting up BuddyPress. This will help you in creating a social network for your site.

How To Setup BuddyPress Plugins

If you have set up any other plugin in your WordPress site then you can set up the BuddyPress easily. BuddyPress can be also installed by following the same procedure as we follow for all the other WordPress plugins. If you are new to WordPress then here you can easily understand by following the several steps.

First login to your WordPress dashboard and navigate to Plugins > Add New. After that search for BuddyPress and click on the install. After the successful installation of BuddyPress plugin click Activate

Once the installation is complete then there will be a new BuddyPress plugins option under your Settings. Now, you can choose your BuddyPress features, pages, and more through these three main sections.

1. BuddyPress Plugins Components Setup

BuddyPress comes with 10 components among these two of the components that are necessary for BuddyPress plugins to work correctly. All the other components are completely optional so activate just the ones you need.

You can enable or disable the components according to your use. The 10 components are- BuddyPress Core, Community Members, Extended Profiles, Account Settings, Friend Connections, Private Messaging, Activity Streams, Notifications, User Groups, and Site Tracking. Choose the component and click on the Save Settings button.

2. BuddyPress options

Next is the main Options section which involves adjusting the settings where you can enable or disable various member features. you can change profile settings, Group creation, Account Deletion, Activity settings, and more from the option. 

3. BuddyPress Pages Setup

Now, it’s time to configure the pages that will be used by BuddyPress. You will notice that most of the pages are already available. You will need to create the pages for user registration and activation by following Settings > General > Allow anyone to register for the site.

If you want to create new pages, then go to Pages > Add New. 

If you want to create any other page then write the name> Registration> Publish.

After creating your pages go to Settings > BuddyPress > Pages and select the pages you have created from the “Registration” and then click on “Save changes”.


BuddyPress plugins are mostly used for creating a small social network that will mostly benefit your site. If you are looking for making good use of a social community while retaining the privacy and control of your website then it is the best solution to prefer.