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BuddyPress Components

Activities Module

Enhanced BuddyPress Activity module

With inbuilt attachment options for image and media. Powered by react & BuddyPress API. Option to extend with Likes, star ratings, comments and delete.

Private Messaging

Enhanced private messaging module

Not just normal BuddyPress messaging. The User experience is blazing fast and built for usage. No more page loading for switching between messaging or checking when new message arrives. This powerful messaging system has custom labels, add attachments, add member by searching, notices, favourites and much more.

Group Memberships

Get the max out of BuddyPress groups

Groups is one of least used functionalities in buddypress but it has tremendous capabilities. If your earlier experience with BuddyPress was marred with slowness, this time, you’ll see an irresistable interface at blazing fast loading speeds.

Usable Single Groups

Improved groups design

Enhanced single user group with add and invite member capabilities. Easier edit and creation interface and really easy to extend.


BuddyPress friends component

Make real use of components provided by BuddyPress. The friends is a really powerful component combined with follow option, you can keep track of your followers and notify them of updates.

Enhanced Profile fields

Custom Profile fields just got redefined.

Profile fields like Social media icons, Date calendar selector, Google map locations, Country selection and much more.

BuddyPress Followers

Extended BuddyPress component

Followers is a new component added by VibeBP in BuddyPress. Keep track of your followers, notify them of all the updates you do in your activity. 

BuddyPress Notifications

Improved notifications component.

Improved and easy to use interface with search, select and sort options in BuddyPress notifications component.

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