Progressive Web App is the most talked-about buzzword in the digital world.  

Today, everyone wants to adopt a mobile-first approach while developing a website or app.

Progressive web apps or PWA have made it possible to create more rich experiences similar to native apps on the mobile web.

In this article, we will discuss the five ways through which PWA design ensures great UI and UX for the audiences.

Why PWA For Great UI and UX

Progressive web apps are web applications that can be accessed in a web browser like a website to deliver native-like functionalities. Instead of developing a mobile application for your business or organization, you can leverage the web application for the mobile-first approach. Progressive web apps have provided businesses with the opportunity to create more rich experiences on the mobile web as well as on the website to improve the user interface and user experience of the audiences. As a result, more businesses are looking forward to Progressive Web App Design and development to improve the overall experience of the audiences.

Responsive Design For Desktop And Mobile

A Progressive Web Application is a cross-platform that provides immersive responsive design for desktop and mobile platforms. Designing a website or web app using PWA design helps you in adding grids, some optional spacers, and graphical elements in the form of illustrations for a user-friendly experience on the desktop as well as on mobile devices. PWAs are termed better than native apps.

Adapt To The Screen Size Of The Devices

PWA easily customizes the experience according to the devices. Whenever a user accesses your site or web app on any device then it delivers the same experience for them. It easily customizes the image size based on the screen size and creates a minimalistic design with a good color choice to provide a better experience to the users.  and make it a creative display. You can also boost the performance by creating a splash screen design that easily fits to the screen of mobile devices.

Smoother Navigation

Websites with infinite scroll or large feeds often go blank while navigating through the pages. Progressive web apps break larger navigation into smaller parts with the help of a navigation bar that doesn’t occupy much space. It makes the navigation of the website or web app faster by rendering the DOM nodes throughout the navigation position.

Removes Footer And Scrolling Glitches

Footer has the same information on every page like- copyright, terms and conditions, links to social media, and newsletter. This page element takes up too much space and makes scrolling glitches while accessing websites and web apps. Progressive web apps remove these footer options and allow you to add a navigation bar for better scrolling throughout the web pages.

Ensure Instant Loading Of Pages

You cannot provide rich experiences to the users without working on the load performance of your web and web apps. Progressive web apps allow you to add images and multimedia content at lower file sizes. The website on a browser will be able to layout the screen properly even if the picture has not loaded to ensure faster loading of pages. It uses PRPL pattern, service worker, and server-side rendering that offers instant loading even in offline mode.


PWA-powered websites and web apps deliver an exceptional and smooth user experience to the user that increases conversions and engagement rate. If you want to implement this innovative technology in your business then contact us to know more.